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Hot on the heels of the Best Selling Ebook - 'All Your Lists In One Place' - comes the definitive guide to Social Media advertising...

Sokule - It's Not Your Grandmothers Social Media Site!

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Jane Mark
Sokule Inc.


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Here's your chance to brand this remarkable book online then use it to rapidly add to your followers, downline, and bankable income!

Sokule is fast becoming the in-place business people go to reach other business people, share ideas, projects and information, and make money. It offers members a range of powerful marketing tools that leave other sites in it's dust. This site helps you contact even more people by adding a mailing list you can use. (See below).

Sokule is a posting site: It posts your messages or squeeks to more than 47 popular social sites with just 1-click and that means your message is all over the net in a nano second. 1-Post, 1-Click and you're done. Sokule does all the work for you while you relax.

Sokule pays You to get sign ups. It sends out checks to members every Friday. No need to wait 30, 45, or even 60 days like you do at other sites.

Sokule is a traffic generator: It has a unique ping function that helps the search engines to easily find your new content within minutes of you posting it.

Sokule has it's own theme song: It's called "Sokule, So What!" It's a catchy tune that rings on mobile phones all over the world and plays in homes where kule people hang out. No other social media site has people dancing to it's own tune. Click to listen in...

These are just 4 good reasons why Sokule is Not Your Grandmother's Social Media Site... There are way too many more to list here...

This guide contains everything you always wanted to know about Sokule and how to finally profit online using this powerful advertising platform...

...and it's a book with a unique twist...

  • You can brand the book online with
    your own affiliate links...

    Simply enter your affiliate user IDs for the different sites in the members area in the Brand-It section and, like magic, your links will appear in the copy of the book you download.

  • Add your Social ID's...

    Not only can you brand the Sokule Guide, you can also add your ID's in the Social ID's section and increase your followers, signups, and sales, in some of the most popular social sites online.

  • You can download it...

    You can read it and discover the real power behind Sokule, which applications are a must, and how you can use them to increase your income. It is a PDF file that can be read on PC's and Mac's.

  • You can earn 30-50% commission...

    You can earn up to 40% commission on each upgraded membership you sign up and you can increase that to 50% commissions when you bring in just 10 sales.

  • You can email your downline 5 levels deep...

    Join as a Gold member and you can email your downline up to 5 levels deep every 5 days. Others in your team will help you grow your list of contacts.

  • Use this site as a signup generator...

    You can use this site to get more signups at Sokule and other top social media sites mentioned in the book when others signup under you and add their IDs to the online BRANDIT center.

  • Desktop quick reference guide...

    You can even purchase a soft cover copy and keep in on your desktop as a quick reference guide. (This book will be on Amazon and in other leading bookstores soon.)

So what are you waiting for?
Signup now and start making money!

Everyone who joins Sokule, or wants to get a handle on social advertising will want read this book. You can be a hero to them and show them what they need to know through your own affiliate link.

Important: If you miss the Gold membership here you will have to pay an additional $100.00 in the members area. If you want to access the mailer and earn higher commissions make sure you get the Gold Membership now.

When you signup as a Gold member you get a BONUS of 500,000 Sokens (credits) at Sokule. (value $635.00)

Free Membership
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  • Brand the book with your links.


  • Earn 15% commission on upgrade sales. Payday is Friday.

  • Bring in 10 sales and your commission level rises to 25%.

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Gold Membership
$97.00 one time

  • Brand the book with your links.

  • Add your social media ID's.

  • Email your offers to the entire database every 5 days.

  • Get a free executive membership in the Sokule Sowhat optin list and mail to members daily.

  • Earn 40% commission on upgrade sales. Payday is Friday.

  • Bring in 10 sales and your commission level rises to 50%.

Easy Signup

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, DiscoverCard

Frank Sousa Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and dozens of other popular Social Media sites are changing the way business is being done on the net.

Sokule is the next generation of social media.
Businesses need to connect with targeted audiences in order to increase sales and they need to do it quickly, effectively and repeatedly.

Sokule was developed with this in mind and has taken Social Media to the next level. It's users can post to over 40 Social Media sites instantly and brand their name at many of the mostly highly visited sites on the net.

Social Media has become a highly effective way to increase sales, cut advertising costs, and to communicate directly with consumers.

In Sokule... This is Not Your Grandmother's Social Media site, authors, Jane Mark and Phil Basten together with some of the founding members of Sokule, guide you though the use of their site in easy to follow steps.

They lay out, in words and screen shots, just how you use this masterfully designed advertising tool to grow your own online business.

You can start at the beginning and read it through or just pick out the chapters you are interested in pursuing. By the time you have finished, you will have a complete understanding of Social Media and how to make it work for you.

Frank Sousa
Co-Developer and founder of Traffic Geyser

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